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Revolutionizing the patient-provider experience

CINCH Services

With CINCH, monitoring patient health has never been easier.

Cinch Health harnesses the power of technology to make patient-provider communication as simple as possible. Effectively communicate, share metrics and data, track and monitor health information, and more.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) allows professionals to stay in contact with the patient after they leave the office. This is a wonderful tool for tracking patient’s data and metrics day to day or hour to hour. Whenever information you need to know, set Cinch Health to track it for you and share live, 24/7 reports. 

Tracking and Progress

Using our smartwatch and app, providers can create a custom Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program to track patient health markers, understand their unique progress, and record interactions. Step one is tracking, step two is using that data to take action. 

Messaging Made Easy

Use the Cinch Health app to send patient reminders for pre-op instructions, medication timing reminders, and RPM check-in’s. Patients can also communicate any request confirmations for medications, RPM questions, and send appointment requests to the practice. Communicating shouldn’t be difficult – and with Cinch Health, we make it easy. 

Practice Forms & Documentation

Long gone are the days of constant back and forth trying to fax over client information, get the forms you need completed, and hunt down the documentation records. With Cinch Health, any medical practice can create forms to be sent directly to their patients, saving time in the waiting room for everyone. Forms can also be created directly in the app to help with the onboarding process.

Patients can also ensure that their documentation is clearly written and the data entered is understood and accurate.

Simplified Data Sharing

Add another specialist or provider outside of your primary care provider to join in your health monitoring for added care. Simply get everyone connected with Cinch Health, and data sharing happens with a few quick and easy steps. 

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