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Cinch Health is a user-friendly technology that easily tracks patient and provider metrics, reviews and creates forms, sends reminders, feedback, and more!


Cinch Health is the improved way to track health metrics for patients and providers alike, including movement, heart rate, oxygen levels, blood pressure, pedometers, and more. This unique tool is designed to enhance communication and relationships between medical professionals and their patients, providing the best experience possible for all Cinch Health users. 

As a provider and patient relationship tool, Cinch Health allows patients to set appointments, complete healthcare forms, monitor their health plan, and communicate with medical practices that use Cinch Health. Providers can use Remote Patient Monitoring tools to review their prescribed RPM markers, interact with patients, and send required forms and reminders. 

This streamlined approach enhances communication between patients and providers while improving outcomes.

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Enhancing the experience

Patients Tools

Patients can track their health plan, communicate securely with their medical practice, view appointment reminders, and fill out required practice-specific forms.


Providers can use Remote Patient Monitoring tools to interact with patients to set goals, send reminders, and track their prescribed remote patient monitoring plan.