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Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

Monitor your patient’s health information while increasing patient engagement from the comfort of their own home, workplace, or anywhere else, 24/7.

RPM (Remote Patient Monitoring) is Proven to:

Reduce in Hospital Readmissions:

RPM programs have proven to be highly effective in reducing trips to the emergency room. Providers have seen up to a 72% reduction in readmissions.

Streamline Onboarding Processes:

Our web-based downloadable app is easy to set up and so are our devices.

Enhance the Patient Experience:

Create long-term success, improving the health of your patients. Patients that use the RPM program have reported higher satisfaction with their medical providers often saying they feel more cared for. Providers also see up to 30% more visits from patients that participate in this program.


CINCH Health Solutions for:


Heart Rate

Blood Oxygen Saturation

Blood Pressure (V2.1)


Cinch Health allows you to stay in contact with the patient, even after they leave your office. Rather than waiting for the next patient visit, you can monitor day-to-day progress of a new lifestyle plan or track the efficacy of a new medication. Your patient's data is sent to your Cinch Health Portal automatically, in an actionable format that is easy to read.

Using our smartwatch and downloadable app, providers can create a custom RPM program and track patient health markers for the CMS Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) program.

Our application is designed to track progress and record interactions with the patient in a user-friendly and collaborative way. Track whether or not your prescribed medications are having the desired result before a problem occurs.

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